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Paris Hilton, Jackson fans fret over Paris Agreement news

Philip Nelson |


Paris Hilton, Jackson fans fret over Paris Agreement news

Because 1 Night in Paris wasn’t enough.

LOS ANGELES, CA—The announcement that President Donald Trump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement sparked sharp rebukes from world leaders and business executives, but it also caused fans of Paris Hilton and Paris Jackson to panic on the internet.

The Paris Agreement, which the U.S. formally joined last September before Trump’s electoral victory, aims to combat climate change by, among other things, setting targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

But many fans of two of the Parises apparently believed that the Paris Agreement was a reference to their idols.

On Twitter, one user, Lindsey Rodrigues, tweeted “omg what did trump do to paris ?!?” referring to hotel heiress, socialite and sex video pioneer Paris Hilton. And on Facebook, Gabby James, an apparent Paris Jackson fan, published a post asking, “Why do they keep going after the Jackson family? Leave Paris alone Dnald! She has been through enough already!”

Daily Bamboo reached out to representatives for both Jacksons, who indicated that their clients have been very grateful for the outpouring of misplaced support they are receiving from engaged, socially-conscious Americans.

Harold Wallenstein, a spokesman for Paris Hilton, added that Donald Trump has never pulled anything out of his client.

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