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B, C and D-list celebrities are looking for the next Fyre Festival



B, C and D-list celebrities are looking for the next Fyre Festival

If a failed event can get people to remember Ja Rule…

GREAT EXUMA, BAHAMAS—By any standard, the now-infamous Fyre Festival was an embarrassing failure, but don’t tell that to the B, C and D-list celebrities who constantly struggle to stay recognizable, if not relevant.

Shysters who act as representatives for B, C and D-listers say that their clients are more hopeful than they have been in years because the Fyre Festival was able to get people talking about one of their own, Ja Rule.

The 41 year-old rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, hasn’t released a hit song in more than a decade. But thanks to his involvement with the Fyre Festival, Ja Rule’s name is back in the news and even landed him a leading role in a $100 million lawsuit.

One agent, Stevie B., who represents a number of individuals who supposedly made appearances on reality TV shows between 2007 and 2009, told Daily Bamboo that Ja Rule’s ability to capture the spotlight once more demonstrates that there are still plenty of opportunities for has-beens in today’s highly-competitive celebrity landfill. “If that guy can reinvigorate his career like this, anybody can,” he said.

While Stevie B. said poorly-planned mega-events like the Fyre Festival are of the greatest interest to his clients right now, he admitted that they’re open-minded out of necessity.

“To be honest, some of my clients don’t even show up on the first 10 pages when you search for their names on Google. So if you have any ideas, let me know.”

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