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A woman asked Amazon Echo Look “Do these jeans make me look fat?”

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A woman asked Amazon Echo Look “Do these jeans make me look fat?”

Surprise: she didn’t like the answer.

MCALLEN, TX—Amazon’s latest device, the Echo Look, is facing scrutiny after a Texas woman claims that the voice-activated “hands-free camera and style assistant” didn’t lie convincingly enough to her.

“I was really excited about using the Echo Look to decide what to wear,” Felicia Thomas told Daily Bamboo, referring to the device’s built in Style Check, a service that allows Echo Look users to receive feedback about their outfits. “I had some jeans that had been sitting in my closet for a year and I decided to try them on. I wasn’t sure about the fit, so I asked Alexa if they make me look fat.”

What happened next shocked Thomas.

“Alexa told me ‘No’,” she recounted. “That was it. Nothing more. No validation. No ‘You look great!’ or ‘Fat? What are you talking about?’ Just a ‘no.’ It just isn’t believable.”

The questionable response sent Thomas’ into a tizzy and she threw the pair of jeans, which she had purchased two years ago at Express, into the trash. “I couldn’t put them on again without feeling my confidence sink,” she explained.

Thomas’ husband, Eric, was nonplussed at the situation. “How could Amazon not know that when a woman asks ‘Does this make me look fat?’ you have to say more than ‘no.’ When Felicia asks me, I always tell her, ‘Babe, you look amazing in that outfit. It fits you perfectly.’ Or something like that. And I repeat it while caressing her shoulders.”

When Daily Bamboo asked Amazon about Thomas’ experience, a spokesperson apologized.

“The Echo Look is a new device and our artificial intelligence is still being refined,” the spokesperson, Erica Hill, stated. “We are always improving our technology and Alexa has not yet been trained to tell white lies. We apologize for the inconvenience and already have a fix in the works.”

That apology rings hollow with Eric Thomas, who has been forced to reassure his wife even more that she looks beautiful in the wake of her Echo Look experience.

“Everybody knows that you never let a woman doubt whether she looks fat or not,” he said. “I can’t believe that a company as smart as Amazon didn’t program this damn thing to tell women what they need to hear. I’ll be dealing with this for the next three years, minimum.”

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