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NBC to replace Nightly News with pharmaceutical ads

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NBC to replace Nightly News with pharmaceutical ads

The moment was right.

NEW YORK, NY—Executives at NBC have announced that the Nightly News will be replaced in June by pharmaceutical ads.

While the evening newscast has been a staple in NBC’s lineup since 1970, the television network decided that the best way to decrease costs and increase revenue would be to dedicate the entire 30 minutes of broadcast time to displaying the infamous ads.

“Almost all of Nightly News’ commercial breaks were already dominated by pharmaceutical ads and we found that our viewers had much higher recall of the drug ads than our news stories,” NBC executive Larry Styles told Daily Bamboo. “So it was logical for us to move to this new format.”

According to Styles, Nightly News is the evening newscast with the greatest number of viewers who have high blood pressure, blot clots, arthritis, heart failure, erectile dysfunction and depression.

NBC competitor ABC’s evening newscast, World News Tonight, leads in viewership among individuals with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

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