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Man reports surge in number of sex partners after adopting cute disabled dog

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Man reports surge in number of sex partners after adopting cute disabled dog

One 32 year-old is getting more tail than ever with the help of man’s best friend.

RICHMOND, VA—A Richmond man is reporting a huge increase in the number of women that he has had sexual relations with after he adopted a disabled senior dog.

Ronald Hunt is an articulate, average-looking 32 year-old who is gainfully employed as an accountant. But dating was a struggle for the bachelor after he and his fiancé called off their engagement.

“I wasn’t having much luck meeting women in bars or social gatherings, and I’ve tried just about every dating app without any luck,” Hunt explained. “No matter what I did or said, women wouldn’t give me the time of day. I had never felt so dejected in my life.”

But Hunt’s dating fortunes changed after a friend suggested that he adopt a dog, and not just any dog. “My friend told me that women love dogs and that if I adopted a disabled dog, women would melt in my hands,” Hunt recalled.

While skeptical about his friend’s canine claims, Hunt was so frustrated with his dating experiences that he took his friend’s advice and found himself at a Richmond animal shelter. There, he met Cody, a 7 year-old Bernese Mountain Dog who, due to an accident involving a car, has limited use of his hind legs and requires a wheelchair to walk.

Cody is the best thing that ever happened to Ronald Hunt’s sex life.

“The first time I took Cody for a 20 minute walk, no less than four attractive women approached me to ask about Cody,” Hunt said with a smile. “By the second day, I had scored three phone numbers and had sex with one of the women that weekend.”

Hunt’s streak of luck has continued since then. “In an average week, I’m making contact with at least half a dozen solid 9s or 10s,” he boasted. “Most of those lead to dates and I’m having way more sex than I ever had in my 20s with almost no effort.”

When asked if he feels any guilt over his use of a disabled dog to entice women, Hunt responded, “Absolutely not. I know that Cody would want for something good to come out of his injury.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Charlie Johnson

    May 4, 2017 at 6:03 am

    WOW! That is a Walkin’ Wheels dog Wheelchair by HandicappedPets. They should use this in their advertising!

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