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Democrats say they now know exactly why Hillary Clinton lost, and it’s shocking

Gage Skidmore


Democrats say they now know exactly why Hillary Clinton lost, and it’s shocking

Don’t blame sexism, Russian hackers, Wikileaks or James Comey. The real reason Clinton lost is far more disturbing.

After months of analysis, top Democratic Party strategists have used new data about last year’s presidential election to reach a shocking conclusion about why Hillary Clinton lost.

According to Steve Jones, a data analyst at Democratic political firm Deep Global Insights, Clinton lost because Donald Trump received more votes in the Electoral College than she did.

“As it turns out, the United States has an Electoral College that decides who will be president. While Hillary won the popular vote, Trump received more votes in the Electoral College,” Jones explained. He added that the Electoral College was created by the Twelfth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and has been used since the Amendment was ratified in 1804.

Despite this, Jones says that few Americans are familiar with the U.S. Constitution or the Electoral College and many, including some top-ranking officials in the Democratic party, believed that the presidential election process was similar to that of American Idol, a now-defunct reality television show that pitted musicians of generally questionable musical talent against each other in a popularity contest.

Deep Global Insights’ findings are significant for a Democratic Party that has been reeling in the wake of Trump’s election and is trying to figure out how it can take back power.

“Now that we have discovered the Electoral College, we’re confident that in 2020, the Democratic party will come up with a better strategy,” Jones stated.

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