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Uber driver takes female passenger to destination without incident

Travis Wise | Flickr


Uber driver takes female passenger to destination without incident

Sometimes an Uber ride is just an Uber ride.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Michelle Jones was pleased that her Uber ride from the San Francisco International Airport to downtown San Francisco on April 30 was a relatively uneventful affair.

“The driver picked me up and drove me to my destination without any hassle,” said Jones, a 28 year-old content marketer who had traveled to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun with friends. “He was friendly and asked me how I was doing, but didn’t try to make awkward conversation. I was especially grateful that he didn’t ask me if I was single or try to rape me.”

While millions of people around the world have used Uber to get to their destinations, the company has been plagued by high-profile incidents involving drivers and passengers. These include assaults by drivers on passengers, and passengers on drivers. For example, earlier this month an Uber driver from Costa Mesa, California was arrested after he was accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger who had fallen asleep in his vehicle.

Jason Smith, Jones’ Uber driver on April 30, has been driving for Uber since 2015 and claims to have never even considered assaulting a passenger. He was equally relieved that the Uber ride in question was a success.

“The gal wasn’t rude or belligerent, was sober, and thanked me when I dropped her off. She even left a tip,” Smith revealed. “I still can’t believe it.”

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