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Investors cheer as Elon Musk unveils new electric thingy

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Investors cheer as Elon Musk unveils new electric thingy

Nobody knows what it does, but it’s going to be big.

LOS ANGELES, CA—Elon Musk has his hands full. He’s the CEO of electric car manufacturer Telsa, the CEO of space transport startup SpaceX, and just launched a company that aims to connect the brain with artificial intelligence. And when he’s not running those companies, he’s figuring out how to make traffic a thing of the past and put humans on Mars.

But despite his busy schedule, Musk continues to create new inventions and launch new businesses at a frenzied pace.

On Tuesday, the billionaire businessman wowed investors by holding an event at the Los Angeles Convention Center at which he unveiled his latest invention: a new electric thingy that he promises will revolutionize the world. The device, which is approximately the size of a television, features a number of lights, switches and knobs, as well as an LCD screen.

Few individuals in the audience seemed to understand the purpose of the new device, but virtually everybody seemed to believe that it could be Musk’s most important creation yet. When Musk, whose net worth Forbes pegs at over $15 billion, plugged the device in and turned it on, the crowd erupted into applause.

Investors couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for Elon Musk’s latest invention.

“Elon is a genius,” proclaimed Kevin Yates, a retired aerospace engineer from Reseda. “You don’t bet against genius and I’m sure that whatever Elon does with this is going to be a game-changer.”  While Yates couldn’t elaborate on the game Musk is changing, he stated he would not hesitate to invest his life savings in the new device if given the opportunity.

When Daily Bamboo asked Musk if he could better explain precisely what the new device does, Musk grinned. “Electric cars. Solar panels. Rockets. The Hyperloop. Electric jets. A massive tunnel network. Mars. Brain implants. It should be obvious to anybody with an IQ over 160 where we’re going with this new device. It’s the final piece in the puzzle.”

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